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Our clients asked us to take this completely empty home and fill it with warmth and coziness along with a splash of WOW. With top to bottom new furnishings, lighting and new wall coverings too, we had fun bringing the understated WOW into this home for a family of four.

Splash of WOW

The WOW starts with the lighting - bringing in her favorite greens and a warmth of oversized furniture ties it all together

A few strategic tweaks— sprinkling in a few accessories, like plants and a pretty fruit holder, and adding a row of stylish lush counter chairs —make the kitchen feel light, fresh, and modern.

The original Primary was designed with overly high ceilings and white wall giving it a cold feeling. Warming it up with stylish wall covering and beautiful lush furnishings give this room the oasis feel the owner desired.

Creating a warm and inviting movie area along with a bar that is filled with family keepsakes as well as table tennis and foos ball tables, provides a welcoming space for the whole family

The addition of updated lighting and accessories that makes this an entertaining dream

This previous gym room is now turned into an office with emerald green highlights

This dream teenager room is now fully equipped with big time friend hangout space for all to enjoy.

Taking in his love for the Boston Bruins, cars, a deep desire for a bunk bed and hang out space, we took this small room and accomplished it all.

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hover over the photo to see the "before" shot!

Before & Afters


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