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Online Interior Design

Online Interior Design is a turnkey online decor, finish and furnishing design option led from the Interiors by Bethany team. Whether you need new furniture, new finishes, new paint, new lighting or all four, let’s refresh your space! We'll create a layout that actually flows, and make your home more functional and fabulous for your lifestyle!

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Having a hard time selecting the perfect size sofa for your Great Room? Stressing out over which backsplash tile to pick? Worrying if the flooring you are selecting will look outdated in a year? Never fear, Interiors By Bethany Online Design is here for you!

You know you need new furniture but don’t want to make a mistake with your purchase for fear of it being too big or too small. What about the color? Will the room look cohesive and flow? EEK!! Well….. Interiors By Bethany Online Design is the perfect place for you.

You want to do the installation of your new furniture and finishes yourself (after all you know how to install or watch YouTube videos) but you just aren’t confident in selecting the right furniture or finishes. Interiors By Bethany Online Design is here for you.

Our team will help you create a fabulous, cohesive space that looks and feels like you—but next-level. Sometimes all your home needs is a spruce up to feel new again! 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your furniture, get snazzier hardware and finishes, or give your lighting design a stylish makeover, we select and you install it all. We’ll find small and simple ways to create a functional space that brings you more joy!

Let Our Team Do The Hard Part!

Start small and pick one room, multiple rooms or newly design your whole home. That part is entirely up to you!! Leave it up to our designers to understand your needs and email you a full custom curated eDesign (in approximately 2-3 weeks) with the signature Interiors by Bethany style. 

FOR FURNITURE: Each room includes a Design Board with furniture and accessories finishes, a detailed floor plan and a source list for easy shopping ready for you to implement - that’s right, we even give you a link to buy it - it’s that simple. 

FOR FINISHES: Each room includes a Design Board with finishes for each of your room needs along with a finish listing complete with brand and item number. No more worrying for you!

All you have to do in the end is checkout, install, and ENJOY!

From a Single Room to Full Home Makeover: Curated Design at Your Fingertips


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